Friday, 21 August 2015 12:34


Waite Family Contributes $50,000 to Hospice House Campaign

Fredericton:  Local Waite family recently donated $50,000 to sponsor a palliative suite within Hospice House, a 10 bed palliative care facility recently being renovated on Churchill Row. 

The Waite Family is sponsoring the suite in memory of their late sister Marina Hunter.   Mr. John Waite remarks that “the family is pleased to have the opportunity to assist in the Hospice House Campaign as they feel that the Residential Hospice Facility will provide a great benefit to our community”.

Campaign Chair Daryl Branscombe expressed appreciation of this sponsorship and indicated that “it is through the support of families like the Waite’s that make this project possible”.  The overall cost of the project has increased and the community continues to support us.

The construction phase of the project is going well and Hospice will soon be purchasing patient furniture and equipment.  The organization remains hopeful that the facility will be open in the fall.

About Hospice House:  The Residential Palliative Facility is located on the corner of Regent Street and Churchill Row and will have the capacity to care for up to 10 palliative patients at end-of-life. There are 10 private rooms, quiet rooms, kitchen and dining areas, nurses care station, chapel as well as space for families who wish to stay on site.

While Hospice Fredericton now has supportive services available to palliative patients living at home, the need for an inpatient facility is significant.   Hospice House will provide “A Home Away from Home”, a safe, comfortable, supportive atmosphere for individuals at end of life.  The facility is an alternative to hospital when care is no longer possible at home.