Hospice House

Hospice House is a 10 bed residential hospice facility located in downtown Fredericton. In addition to private, home-like rooms for terminally ill patients, the building offers comfortable common spaces for family and friends.    The facility provides 24 hour specialized end of life care in a comfortable, caring, home-like environment.

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Few terminally ill patients actually require acute care in a hospital during their last days and most want to spend their last days at home. But 90 per cent of deaths still occur in hospital. Why? For too long, our region has lacked the infrastructure and supports to enable patients to spend their last days at home or in a home-like setting such as a residential hospice.

The Dr. Everett Chalmers Hospital and the Oromocto Hospital have a total of 10 palliative care beds. These beds are critical components of our end-of-life care continuum. However, there are perpetual waiting lists for those beds. We simply don’t have enough to meet the demand. As a result, many patients spend their last days on wards not equipped or staffed to deliver palliative care. A residential hospice environment is more comfortable for both the patient and their family and more cost-effective for our healthcare system. In fact, residential hospice beds operate at a 30% reduction in cost compared to beds in an acute care hospital.

Our population is aging. Demand for palliative and hospice care will only increase in the future. It’s time to invest in our end-of-life care infrastructure so that patients facing end-of-life care challenges may experience their last days in dignity, comfort and peace.

Most patients want to spend their last days at home. And home is best. But, for a variety of reasons, many patients are unable to spend those days and weeks at home. Some don’t have family and friends who are able to provide the level of care they need. Others can’t afford the medical support for a home death.  Hospice House provides a home-like setting with medical, emotional, and spiritual support for patients and their families.

Caregivers estimate they require an average of 54 hours per week caring for family members at home. Many must take leaves of absence from work or leave their employment situations completely. Many New Brunswick families simply can’t afford the time required to care for a loved one at home. Hospice House provides a much more comfortable alternative to hospital.