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Welcome to Hospice Fredericton!

Hospice Fredericton is a 10 bed residential facility providing end-of-life care in a home-like setting. We provide a family-like atmosphere with private rooms and home-cooked meals. Our goal is to support patients and their families and provide additional grief & bereavement support when needed. Our dedicated team of professionals along with community partners work to ensure each patient receives dignified and compassionate patient centred-care based on their specific needs.

Everything we do is inspired by our commitment to place clients and their families first. Hospice Fredericton provides patients with quality palliative care through access to exceptional care, information, and support services. Hospice Fredericton is a community of faces, family, and friendships with a focus on ‘Care.Compassion.Dignity’.

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Hospice by the Numbers

Excellence in end-of-life care and bereavement support.

Hospice Fredericton will have established, sustained, long-term community programs.

Compassionate Care
– Family Focused
– Dignity
– Community-Centred

2001 – Our 1st Community Group formed, under the direction of Colleen O’Donnell, and Palnet was established

2004 – Charitable status obtained

2006-2008 – Community Needs assessment was completed and our Board of Directors was formed

2009 – We hired our 1st Program Coordinator, who launched the community based services, initial volunteer training and the first 15 Referrals were received

2010 – Community awareness of our services increased and our 2nd group of volunteers were trained. Referral partnerships developed, community partners continued to grow, and our Grief Support Group was launched
Our services moved into long term care facilities as well

2011 – Our 3rd group of volunteers were trained and the number of referrals increased to 56

2012 – Community needs assessment was completed to determine need for a residential Hospice in Fredericton. Our services expanded to Oromocto, our Grief Support Group expanded to twice per year and we had an increase in referral sources

2013 – The Board of Directors decided to move forward with establishment of the residential Hospice after researching other residential models, the 2nd of its kind in Atlantic Canada!

2014-2016 – The former Rosary Hall was purchased and construction phase began

2015 – Funding was launched with a Capital Campaign, as well as the Hospice Boutique as the main source of revenues going forward

2016 – Our 1st team of staff was hired and Hospice House opened in April, followed by the J.T. Clark Family Adult Day Centre opened its doors, which now houses our Grief & Wellness Centre.

2018 – By 2018, we received 171 admissions and a Social Worker was added to the team to support the families

2nd residential hospice founded in Atlantic Canada

1,200+ patients admitted since 2016

5,000+ family members supported

100+ volunteers support our operations, our patients, and families

What Hospice Fredericton means to me…